Fun & Games

Natural fun at your fingertips!

Whether you like puzzles, coloring, or word searches, we’ve got you covered. Download them all!

Decomposition Game

Decomposition is the time it takes for something to naturally decay. Can you guess how long it takes common items to decompose?

Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Grab your bingo board and head outside, how many tiles can you find?

How to Plant a Tree

Want to plant a tree in your yard or local parklet? Here’s how!

Write a Windspark Poem

Stick with the environmental theme we’ve been working with.

Nature Walk

Get some fresh air and take a walk outside. Write or draw inside the boxes to express what you see, smell, feel and hear.

Northside Word Find

Can you find all the words?

Working Outside

Do you love the environment and want to work outside when you grow up? Check out some of these exciting outdoor jobs.

Reflection Activity

Use this reflection activity to answer why parks are important to you.


Its always important to be prepared and safe in our parks. Download this page for some quick and easy tips on safety.

Outside Coloring Page

Or, create your own colorful drawing.