They're YOUR Parks, Let's Explore!

Explorer’s Guide helps you get outside and truly explore the parks in the City of Pittsburgh.

This program is designed for 4th – 6th grade students in the City of Pittsburgh.

Follow along and complete each activity to learn more about that subject, discover interactive videos or simply use the maps to help you navigate the park and check out the cool features.

For Teachers

Explorer’s Guide for the Classroom. Let us help you teach outside.

Are you a Teacher? Explorer’s Guide can be used in your class by printing out the worksheets on each activity page. Our goal is to engage kids with questions and activities that can help them apply what they’ve learned in a meaningful way.

Want to learn how you can get Explorers in your school?

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For Parents/Guardians

Learn at home with Explorer’s Guide.

Are you a parent or guardian? You can use Explorer’s Guide activities as supplemental lessons as part of a homeschool day or as a fun out-of-school activity. Explore your favorite city park or just venture to your backyard. Also, Check out our fun and games section for a school break.

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